"You don't stop playing because you get old. You get old because you stop playing." George Bernard Shaw

Poly Spots and Shapes

All of our ActiveSpots are manufactured of tough, weatherproof, flexible vinyl

and guaranteed never to crack or peel. They last.


ActiveSpots can be used on any surface. Ideal for activities on the Playground, in the Gymnasium (they won't slide), or in the Pool where they will sink to the bottom and will not discolour!

Sharks - SOLD OUT


Add humor and fun to learning. These packs can be used by themselves or with other products. Math skills, motor skills development, balance & coordination and teaching colour are enhanced by adding a little 'shark alert' or “friendly frogs” to the activity.

These can also sink to the bottom of a Pool for extra fun.


Sold in sets of 6








All Blue FitSpots - SOLD OUT

Complete workout. . .just add people and maybe music! Here are 10 different stations to create your own circuit.

Place around the gym or

outside for a great workout!



Aerobo and Fit Spot ideas
Here are some drills to do with both Aerobo and Fit Spots
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.2 MB

9”Math Spots - Clearance


This 15 piece set can be utilized in so many ways. Use the numbers for stations or add the math symbols for a fun math class. OR, even flip them over and just use them for their colours.   Your choice.


The size of each spot is 9 ¾”

LD-MATH: $29.85









All Blue Poly Stars - Clearance


Basic poly spots are indispensable but put them into star shapes and now they are also fun! Use them as part of an obstacle course.


Size of a star 10”

POLY STAR: $5.50/set of 6






Hands or Directional Arrows - Clearance


Great for directing the flow of activities. Use the arrows with our hands and feet to direct students from station to station. Can be used to set up courses indoors or outdoors without cracking, breaking, or fading.    Great for the bottom of a Pool!


Size: 6" x 9.5". Red, Blue, Green & Yellow. 

Come in sets of 6 pairs for hands or arrows set of 12 (Blue, Yellow or Green) for $25.50/set


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