"You don't stop playing because you get old. You get old because you stop playing." George Bernard Shaw

Giant Games

Up 4 It


Strategy, skill and of course a lot of luck combine to make this giant version of a well known game. Take turns to drop your counters into the frame to try to form a line of 4 and stop your opponent from doing the same. This game will certainly make an impact and is great fun for players and spectators alike.


Make it ACTIVE:

Tape or paste actions to one side of the “pucks” so they can do the actions as they drop them in to

connect the colours to WIN!


CE520 $359.00


Play these games both

Indoors and Out!


Giant Chess


A fun way for beginners to learn this traditional game of skill and cunning and a totally new dimension to the game for established chess lovers.

Pieces stand between 17 inches & 25 inches tall.    10’ x 10’ mat can be purchased separately.


CE610      $549.00

CE610-M   $599.00 with mat

Giant Checkers


Giant Checkers is a fun, challenging game for everyone. You can “queen” your pieces with a central movement rod for ease of handling.


Checker dimensions:10” x 4”

10’ x 10’ mat can be purchased separately


CE611       $229.00

CE611-M    $290.00 with mat
















Giant Tower with Storage Bag


A game of skill and cunning. Build the tower, then take turns to remove a piece and add it to the top without making the whole tower tumble. A steady hand is mandatory! A great team building activity.


Make it ACTIVE:

Tape or paste actions on the bottom of each block. Every time one is pulled the whole group has to do that action.


  • Starts at 36”
  • 58 renewable source pine blocks
  • Length of each block: 8¼
  • Weight: 50 lbs.
  • Comes with Canvas Storage Bag


CE50654-TB   $159.75

Standard Chess or Checkers


Perfect for a smaller playing area.

Chess piece size: 12.6” (king) to 8” (pawn)

Checker size: 4” x 1¾

4 ft. x 4ft. Mat is included


Chess CE802  $98.00  

Checkers CE804  $69.50





 Any age & Any ability can play

with Giant Games




















Giant Snakes & Ladders


This takes the traditional game of Snakes & Ladders to a totally new dimension. This giant version puts you in the heart of the game where you move up the ladders and down the snakes. We’ve also added some new rules for

extra fun!. Each Giant Game contains a giant playing mat 10’ x 10’, 8 pegs and 1 giant inflatable die.


Make it ACTIVE:

Number each square. Every time someone lands on a square everyone in the group must do the action that is assigned to that square.


CE507    $69.95

Get Knotted


There’s massive fun to be had with this giant familiar game for up to 20 players. Throw the two giant inflatable dice to find out which body part will land on which coloured flower. But beware, fall over and you’re out of the game! This Giant Game contains a giant playing mat 10’ x 10’, 8 pegs and 1 giant inflatable die.


Make it ACTIVE:

Not only is this game great for teaching colour, left & right and listening skills and coordination but it is a great way to get them stretching and moving in creative ways.


CE510 $75.00

Cannonball Drop


This exciting game is based on the design of a castle turret.

Cannon-balls are suspended in the air by the giant coloured straws.


Take turns to remove the straws without letting any of the soft, hollow balls drop into the castle tower.  The winner is the one with the least dropped balls at the end of the game.

Challenging and fun for all ages, Cannonball Drop is an enjoyable and exciting game ideal for any party or social event. 


CE527 $139.00











Sack Races


Made from jute with double stitching for strength and durability. The 5 sacks all have a different name, face and colour. The Sack Races are designed for adults but may be used for children if you roll them down. Names and faces are low enough they are still visible when rolled down.


Each sack measures: 40” x 23.5” (100cm x 60cm)


CE502           $54.95











The Silly Game


Players take turns to throw both dice to find out what action and the number of times they have to do it. Great (and cheap) way to get ACTIVE!




Silly Water Game    


Same as the Silly Game only with Aquatic actions.














Hoppin Mad


This racing game contains 3 adult sized Hoppers and an inflation pump to get the game going.


Hoppers are 24” (61cm) diameter. Great for inner core strengthening!  Or turn the “utters” to the ground and use it as chair.


CE501     $64.95
















Giant Dominoes


Fun for all ages and a great tool for new math skills, these Giant wooden Dominoes can be played indoors or out and come packed in a wooden storage case. 


 Each domino measures: 5.25” (13.5cm) x 2.75” (7cm)


CE207    $59.50


















Giant Pick Up Sticks


Only the steadiest of hands can succeed in this game of daring tension. Try to remove each stick in turn without moving any of the other coloured sticks. Each colour denotes a different point.


This game contains 30 wooden Giant Pick Up Sticks that are 3 ft long.


CE509     $59.00



Did you know that the Limbo craze started in Jamaica in the 1950’s? Use it for so many game ideas: Carnivals, Family Fun Days, Corporate Events, or just to limber up for the day.     


CE508          $49.95












This is a simple ring toss game, yet it has been around for years. There must be something to it! This game is made from rope and wood, no plastic here.


CE503       $24.95












Storage/Carry Bag for Giant Tower


This storage/carry bag for the Giant Tower makes it convenient to move the game around as well as for storing it. Heavy-duty canvas with a zipper on top for easy access.


CE5068       $24.95










Giant Chess/Checker Mat

Our heavy duty vinyl mats are ideal—they fold up compactly when you need to put them away.


Mat size: 10’ x 10’, have grommets and come with pegs for the grass. Wash up with dish soap and water.


CE807       $75.00










Extra Blocks for Giant Tower


You don't want the Tower to tumble, so pick up these extra blocks if you need them. 


Giant Tower - 6 blocks

CE50654-B6 - $30.00











Extra "Discs"  for Up 4 It


You never know if they get eaten, lost or just misplaced.  But don't stop the game, just get some replacements.


Up 4 It - discs

CE520-P6 - $25.00

CE520-P42 - $69.00

17" Inflatable Dice
17" Inflatable Dice
3" & 6" Rainbow Foam Dice
3" & 6" Rainbow Foam Dice
4" Blank Dice
4" Blank Dice



A perfect tool for teaching numbers, creating your own game or using these for the Giant Games.


We have 4 different sizes of dice:


17” Inflatable CE507D   $11


6” Foam IS-DICE6 $5.97 each Rainbow colours  R/B/G/Y/O/P - Clearance

4” Blank FOAM-4BL EA   $11 R/B/G/Y  - SOLD OUT


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