"You don't stop playing because you get old. You get old because you stop playing." George Bernard Shaw

Floor Hockey

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Floor Hockey and Pucks & Balls


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DOM Junior  

36" Ideal for Grades 1-4


Built for maximum safety and durability. Funky fluorescent, high-density polyethylene shaft with SuperLight blade (SL-79) and crystal safe grip butt end. With twin “I” beam ribs, flexible stick won’t break, kink or suffer shaft fatigue.


J4:  $7.50 ea

Single Stick  (Blade Colour: Blue or Red)


J40 Set: $97.75 set

Set which includes 12 JUNIOR Sticks

(6 Red/6 Blue blades), 2 pucks, 2 balls


J40-G1 Set: $99.95 set  

Set which includes 10 JUNIOR Sticks

(5 Red/5 Blue), 2 GS-15 goal sticks,

2 pucks, 2 balls



DOM Gain

42" Ideal for Grades 5-8


Maximum control for younger players without compromising safety. High im pact ABS plastic shaft for rigidity, with twin “I” beam ribs for added support. Lightweight stick uses SuperLight blade (SL-79) and the institutional crystal safegrip butt end, double stapled for safety.


G5: $10.25

Single Stick BLADES: Blue or Red


G50 Set: $129.50 set

12 GAIN Sticks (6 Red/6 Blue), 2 pucks, 2 balls


G50-G1 Set: $131.75 set

10 GAIN Sticks (5 Red/5 Blue), 2 GS-15 goal sticks, 2 pucks, 2 balls



DOM Excel

45" Ideal for Grades 7-10


High-density polyethylene outer shell withstands impact and 1/2"

fiberglass reinforcement tube provides strength and reasonable rigidity. Only a slight gain in weight. Comes with Standard blade (SB-76), secured with two steel screws, and institutional crystal safegrip butt end.


X9: $12.75

Single Stick BLADES: Blue or Red


X90 Set:  $154.95 set

12 EXCEL Sticks (6 Red/6 Blue), 2 pucks, 2 balls


X90-G2 Set: $151.00 set

10 EXCEL Sticks (5 Red/5 Blue), 2 GS-25 goal sticks, 2 pucks, 2 balls


Hockey Pucks & Balls


DOM 84 SuperPuck  

Step on it! Bang it!   Won't split or dent.  This official-sized, bright orange, plastisol, hollow puck is designed to take lots of abuse

DOM-84  60 grams COLOUR: Bright Orange

$2.95 each


DOM 83 GymHockey Ball

Designed for maximum safety and excellent playability.  Very soft, bright orange, no-bounce plastisol ball.

DOM-83 62 grams COLOUR: Optic Orange

$2.95 each 


DOM 90 SuperSafe

Revolutionary aerodynamic profile!
Improved 4" wide puck has contoured edges for reduced wind drag. 2" diameter recessed air dams top and bottom. Slides flatter against floor, greatly reducing puck flip! SuperSafe spongy construction reduces injuries!

DOM-90 73 grams COLOUR: Optic Orange or Yellow

$3.95 each










Scooter Hockey Sticks sold in sets only.

Guaranteed to last!


Uses our Superlight (SL-79) blade, securely fastened to a 5" shaft. Capped with DOM's crystal butt-end, permanently double-stapled to shaft.  

MP93A Hockey Set: $55.95



R1-10 GS Mini Ringette Set: $78.95


GS-5 Mini Goalies Each: $6.95


Trusted SuperSafe Sticks in Scooter Size SuperSafe Mini Hockey


All the safe, yet durable qualities of SuperSafe! These 11" long sticks, weighing 10 oz. offer good control and balance. Blades are made from polyurethane Skinex® foam.


 SSH-Mini $119.80
Set includes 12 sticks (6 orange / 6 yellow), a no bounce DOM-83 ball, and a DOM-90 SuperSafe puck.  
Made in Thailand




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