Equipment for Special Needs

Unique Equipment

Balance Disc - Please visit


These Balance Discs have so many uses:

1) For people with ADHD or Autism: this disc allows them to move in their seat while still paying attention or getting some work done. This helps gets the wiggles out without being distracting to others.


2) Work your Core Muscles: in order to stabilize your core muscles you must sit straight not wobble on this disc. It works along the same theory as a stability ball but instead you are sitting on your chair and are therefore more secure. 


Size: 13” x 2 ½”

Colours: Red, yellow, green, blue, orange & purple


F030: Please visit

Half Pint Skillastics - Please visit


This kit not only gives you 36 developmentally appropriate activities (mental development of 3-5 years) but it incorporates lots of giggles, smiles and fun into learning!


The large sized card are laminated with a light texture and very colourful. All actions on the cards are adaptable.


This game can be played with one or two of the large colourful die. Work with either colours or shapes or if the group is suitable use both dice for added challenge.


SK-HALFPINT with CD: Please visit


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6” Nerf-like Dice - Clearance


A great tool to make physical activity unique and random. Very creative for math fun and for so many more educational or life skill situations. Creative imagination needed!

Dimensions: 3” sq. or 6” sq.

Colours: As Shown


IS-DICE6  6”  Each: $5.97

IS-DICE6 PR  6” Set of 2$12











4” BLANK Foam Dice


These larger foam dice now come in 4 colours! You can make new games that are suitable and adaptable to the people in your group. Create your own games! 

Sold individually or in pairs


FOAM-4EA: $11 ea.

FOAM-4BLPR: $20 pr.







Rock, Paper, Scissors Dice & Book - Clearance


Why use dice? Have you ever experienced an argument because one person thought the other person went first, picked the one they wanted, or always pick the same thing??? Now if you roll the dice no one can dispute it!

Now Children with special needs can play RPS with everyone else!


RPS Dice 1 pr. $2.00

Floor Markers & Spots

Sharks -



Add humor and fun to learning.   Math skills, motor skills development, balance & coordination and teaching colour are enhanced by adding a “Sharks” to the activity.

These mats do not slip on hard surfaces so they are safe for jumping on. They can also be used to designate where to sit or for making finding “your spot” easier. Sold in sets of 6;




Barnyard Animals - SOLD OUT


Take Old MacDonald’s Farm to a new level.   Here are 6 barnyard animals to use with some imagination. These heavy duty poly mats make a great destination to run to.




Sensory Balls - SOLD OUT


The round bumps on these ball provide a gentle texture that make touching them interesting. They are soft yet durable and can be inflated as much or as little as necessary.

Colours: As Shown

Easy Grip Balls - SOLD OUT


This ball makes it very easy to grip it (hence the name) because of the little indented triangles. Comes in two sizes to allow for different types of play.

Colours: As Shown

Blow-Up Knobby Balls 


This is the ball you want to take with you if you need to travel. Inflates with a small straw and folds down to practically nothing, yet inflates to almost 10” diameter inflated!

Colours: As Shown



Each: $2.49

Set of 6: $14.40

Things to Throw

8” Juggling Scarves - Clearance


For some folks that are just learning how to throw a ball, sometimes using a scarf can be a wonderful tool to start with. They move slowly when tossed and they cannot hurt you or anyone around you.

Dimensions: 8” x 8”

Colours: As Shown



Set of 10: $1.40

Nerf-like Flying Disc


Throw or catching a Frisbee is never fun if it hurts. So use our nerf-like Flying Discs instead. Soft to the touch, they will not hurt your knuckles when you catch them.

Dimensions: 8” x 1¼

Colours: As Shown



Each: $5.00

Set of 6: $29.50

Balloon Badminton - 



Balloons like scarves move slowing when tossed around, so this Balloon Badminton game is perfect for the person who needs to practice hitting with a paddle.

Size: 11½” w x 17” Long


Yoga has so many benefits, but one of the main benefits is that is can help to calm down a troubled mind and reduce stress. Everyone could benefit from this, but use Yoga with the people in your group.  Within a short period of time, you will see a difference.

Easy to Use Yoga Book and Teacher Value Kit - Clearance


What I See, I Can Be is an easy-to-use Yoga book that Teachers and children love.  This award-winning book and CD was created by Janet Williams, a certified Primary/Junior Teacher and Yoga Instructor.  The book has been designed to make it easy for teachers, who may or may not know much about yoga, to offer a fun, safe and age-appropriate yoga experience for their children. 

It is perfect to use in the Gym for Phys Ed, or in the Classroom.  This popular book is in schools and daycares from coast to coast, and in more than 10 countries around the world. The book is Printed in Canada on FSC Certified Environmentally Friendly Paper. 


The KIT includes the Hard Cover Book, Audio CD, DVD, Full Size Instructional Poster, Yoga Match: A Memory & Movement Card Game, Colour-Me Poster,

Colouring & Activity Book and the Total Relaxation Visualization CD


WIS-BK: $12.50          WIS-KIT: $75