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This is a unique tool to Lettuce Make Thyme!


Make your own games With Create-a-Game Book and Equipment Package  


Creativity, Imagination and Activity are all skills that are essential to a productive lifestyle. A number of children do not know HOW to use their creativity and imagination. Introduce these skills into their everyday lives with the Create-a-Game and watch how their problem solving skills improve.


OR are you in an Activity Rut?   Take our Create-a-Game Book, add some basic equipment, some kids and your problems are solved! Well some of them anyway!


The Create-a-Game book allows you to pick the “ingredients” to make a new game. There are 5 different categories; in each category there are 12 different options.


Have children work in teams or individually to plan and create a new game. Make sure you write down the numbers and give it a name so that it can be played again.

As in life, not everything works out the first time, so if the game did not go as imagined, trouble shoot it, change it and try it again.  This is the perfect tool to improve PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS.


Create-a-Game Book CAG-BK $49.50

Create-a-Game Equipment Package and Book CAG-PKG $299

“Follow the Leader” - Clearance


The book contains over 100 games, each followed with important debriefing questions. The games are sequentially ordered for use in leadership workshops or Physical Education classes. The Ontario Ministry of Education Leadership expectations for each grade level are also included.


FTL-BK: $10











Easy to Use Yoga Book and Teacher Value Kit What I See, I Can Be” is an easy-to-use Yoga book that Teachers and children love. - Clearance


This award-winning book and CD was created by Janet Williams, a

certified Primary/Junior Teacher and Yoga Instructor.  The book has been designed to make it easy for teachers, who may or may not know much about yoga, to offer a fun, safe and age-appropriate yoga experience for their children. 


It is perfect to use in the Gym for Phys Ed, or in the Classroom.  

This popular book is in schools and daycares from coast to coast, and in more than 10 countries around the world.


The book is Printed in Canada on FSC Certified Environmentally Friendly Paper. 


The KIT includes the Hard Cover Book, Audio CD, DVD, Full Size Instructional Poster, Yoga Match: A Memory & Movement Card Game, Colour-Me Poster, Colouring & Activity Book and the Total Relaxation Visualization CD


WIS-BK: $12.50            WIS-KIT: $75

"Parachute Games Book" with DVD

- Clearance


Parachute Games book provides all the information needed to make parachute games exciting and safe for children.  

It includes 60 parachute games - many new and adaptable, with 120 demonstration photos and a DVD so everyone can watch the new games they are learning.

Parachute Games provides fun, low-cost, high-interest activities that need minimal equipment and ensure maximum participation.


PARA-BK-DVD: $14.48

“Circle Game”

 - Clearance

Andy Raithby has written this book which includes 101 great circle games. Circle games are easy to monitor, everyone is on equal ground (no front or back of the line), everyone can see and hear each other, and of course they are a lot of fun.


CGR-BK: $10