Chickens and Other Rubber Animals






A Chicken




Every Reason 










All types of Rubber Animals to Mix & Match.  You can never be serious when holding a Rubber Chicken!


1) Stuffed 21” Chicken   AC1   SOLD OUT


2) Hollow 20” Chicken  HLWCHICK   SOLD OUT


3) Stretchy 8” Chicken  JKRUBCH   $4.50


4) 10” Squeaking Chick   AC2   $5.10


5) Stuffed Pig   AP1   $12


6) Stuffed Trout   AF1 $11


7) Squawking Chicken   SQWKCHK   SOLD OUT


8) Chicken Hat   CHKHAT   SOLD OUT      Chicken Hat = Possibilities

Chicken Games
A Chicken for every reason and a game to go along with it!
Chicken Games.pdf
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Chicken and Noodle Games Book - Clearance


 Written by game masters John Byl, Herwig Baldauf, Pat Doyle, and Andy Raithby; Chicken and Noodle Games: 141 Fun Activities With Innovative Equipment is your ticket to promoting fun and active participation for all involved. The games use easy-to-find equipment in nontraditional ways—which means no player will start with an advantage.

In addition, the equipment is inexpensive and allows you to provide a diverse selection of innovative games for very little money.


CAN-BK $12.98