Multi-Use Equipment

Check out the Games Page to find out what you can do with some of our equipment.  Don't let it sit on the shelf. . .Get out there and PLAY!










Nerf-like Flying Disc


Soft and safe; easy to catch. Perfect for a playground that is “Nerf or Nuthin”

Dimensions: 8” x 1¼

Colours: As Shown



Each: $5.00

Set of 6: $29.50










Agility Ladders - Clearance


Have a great time teaching agility, coordination & foot work with these ladders.

Dimensions: 20” x 1½”; Extends to 20’ long

Colours: As Shown




PR: $28

Agility Ladder Drills
Ladder Drills.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 120.2 KB










Nerf-like Dice 6” - Clearance


Great for physical activities, math fun & so many more situations.   Creative & imagination needed!

Dimensions: 3” sq. or 6” sq.

Colours: As Shown


IS-DICE6  6”  Each: $5.97










Light Scoop Sets - SOLD OUT


**NOTE: A Set is 2 Scoops & 1 Ball per Colour

Great deal for an equipment staple that everyone needs.

Dims: Ball: 4” Scoop:16” long

Colours: Shown










8” Juggling Scarves - Clearance


Teaching hand/eye coordination, cross-body motions and using both sides of the Body — equally

Dimensions: 8” x 8”

Colours: As Shown



Set of 10: $1.40











Storage Bags   (2 sizes)


These nylon drawstring bags are indispensable, great for around water as they will drain when hung up.

Med. Bag: 27” x 32”   and    Lg. Bag: 35” x 39”

Colours: As Shown



L27-32   Med. Bag                L35-39 Lg. Bag

Each:$8.30                            Each: $8.95

Set of 6: $49                         Set of 6: $53

Balls. . . Balls. . . Balls. . . Balls. . . Balls. . . Balls. . . Balls. . . Balls. . . Balls













Sensory Ball   (2 sizes) - SOLD OUT


These balls are tactile, yet very durable. Inflate as much or as little as you like to make them either more “gripable” or more firm that that extra bounce.

Dimensions: 4” Ball or 8” Ball

Colours: As Shown












Playground Balls   (2 sizes) - Clearance


These softer than normal playground balls are perfect for indoor or outdoor play.

As with all of these balls, the rainbow colours can be used for different grade recess bags.

Dimensions: 6” Ball or 8.5” Ball

Colours: As Shown



6” Each: $2.25

6” Set of 6: $13.20



8.5” Each: $3.70

8.5” Set of 6: $21.60  










Blow-Up Knobby Balls - SOLD OUT


These easy to blow-up balls come with their own straw. Soft, textured surface. Compact

and perfect to be taken on trips.

Dimensions: 10” inflated

Colours: As Shown













Easy Grip Balls   (2 sizes) - SOLD OUT


This tactile, east to grip ball has little indented triangles that make it easier to catch. Another durable ball that is ideal for both indoors or out.

Dimensions: 4.5” Ball or 8” Ball

Colours: As Shown













DinoSkin Balls   (2 sizes) - SOLD OUT


The ultimate "Dodge Ball" ball. A solid yet soft outer-skin does not leave a mark if it hits a target. These balls are not as bouncy as the ones above.

Dimensions: 6” Ball or 8” Ball

Colours: As Shown







For all equipment on this page you can Mix and Match to make your own package.


All equipment comes in rainbow colours to make it convenient to put specific coloured packages together for certain groups or grade.