Quick Back-pocket Activities

These are activites that require very little storage, prep-time and effort.  If you need ideas for transition times, end of the day/wrap-up games or if you are traveling and need to burn off energy, try some of these activities.

Rock, Paper, Scissor Dice - Clearance


Why use dice? Have you ever experienced an argument because one person thought the other person went first, picked the one they wanted, or always pick the same thing??? Now if you roll the dice no one can dispute it!

Now Children with special needs can play RPS with everyone else!


RPS Dice 1 pr. $2.00

Stretchy Chicken - SOLD OUT


This little guy is compact, easy to carry but still can create HUGE fun! Any quick chicken games can be played with this stretchy chicken.


Or use it to hide around your facitlity.  Have paper in a central location so the children can write out and submit where they saw the chicken that day.  Have a silly prize for the winner.


Don't forget to name him!

Make your own games With Create-a-Game Book and Equipment Package


Creativity, Imagination and Activity are all skills that are essential to a productive lifestyle. A number of children do not know HOW to use their creativity and imagination. Introduce these skills into their everyday lives with the Create-a-Game and watch how their problem solving skills improve.


OR are you in an Activity Rut? Take our Create-a-Game Book, add some basic equipment, some kids and your problems are solved! Well some of them anyway!


The Create-a-Game book allows you to pick the “ingredients” to make a new game. There are 5 different categories; in each category there are 12 different options.


Have children work in teams or individually to plan and create a new game. Make sure you write down the numbers and give it a name so that it can be played again.


As in life, not everything works out the first time, so if the game did not go as imagined, trouble shoot it, change it and try it again.  This is the perfect opportunity to work on PROBLEM SOLVING skills.


Create-a-Game Book CAG-BK   $49.50

Create-a-Game Equipment Package and Book CAG-PKG   $299