Aquatic Equipment

Totally Water-Proof

Soft-Foam Flying Disc - Clearance


Made from the same cross-linked closed cell foam.  


  • Flies True!
  • SAFE!
  • Easy to throw and catch
  • Material won't peel, tear or crack.  Disc will not wear away on abrasive concrete or asphalt surfaces.  
  • Durable and easy to clean and is mould resistant!
  • Colours: Sea Blue, Yellow or Lime




FD Blue $2.99     FD Lime $2.99     FD Yellow $2.99

Sinkable Poly Mats

Here are some suggestions of equipment and activities that are perfect for in the pool or around the water.

Sharks - SOLD OUT


Add humor and fun to learning. These packs can be used by themselves or with other products. Math skills, motor skills development, balance & coordination and teaching colour are enhanced by adding a little 'shark alert' to the activity. 

These can also sink to the bottom of a Pool for extra fun.


Sold in sets of 6








All BLUE FitSpots - SOLD OUT

Complete workout. . .just add people and maybe music! Here are 10 different stations to create your own circuit.

Place around the gym or

outside for a great workout!





9”Math Spots - Clearance


This 15 piece set can be utilized in so many ways. Use the numbers for stations or add the math symbols for a fun math class. OR, even flip them over and just use them for their colours.  Your choice.  The size of each spot is 9 ¾”


LD-MATH: $29.85


Inflatable Dice


A perfect tool for teaching numbers, creating your own game. This 17” Inflatable die is similar to a beach ball.   


CE507D: $11

4" Blank Dice


The closed-foam cell dice are blank and therefore you can create your own game!



$11 R/B/G/Y


Easy Grip Balls - Clearance


Colourful and fun for the pool!

Colours: As Shown

2 sizes:PGRIP-45/PGRIP-8



4.5” Each: $2.25

4.5” Set of 6: $13.20


PGRIP-8 - limited Quantity          

8” Each: $3.99

8” Set of 6: $23.40


Sensory Balls - Clearance


The water just rolls of these balls.

Colours: As Shown

2 sizes: PSENS-4 / PSENS-8



4” Each: $2.25

4” Set of 6: $13.20



8” Each: $3.99

8” Set of 6: $23.40


Playground Balls - Clearance


A new, softer playground ball!

Colours: As Shown

2 sizes: SPG-6 / SPG-85



6” Each: $2.25

6” Set of 6: $13.20



8.5” Each: $3.70

8.5” Set of 6: $21.60  



Red Net Available Only!

Limited quantities still available

Mini Net or 2-in-1    Water-Proof Nets

  • Extremely versatile nets for all ages!
  • Durable nylon netting cleated within the frame
  • Lightweight and portable - easy to carry by kids
  • Rounded corners and target areas
  • Stackable - minimum storage requirements
  • Made to withstand Canadian weather

2 in 1 flips from a 28” Upright net to a 20” Horizontal net for younger children, for added versatility


Colours: Red


Mini Net:      $154.95 each or $289.90 pr.

2 in 1 Net:   $199.00 each or $378.00 pr. SOLD OUT


Bouncing and Throwing

Ogo Sport - Clearance


This is a great game. . .for all ages. The discs come in 2 sizes and you can play so many different ways. Use it in the pool. Or use as flying disc.

The edge is made from an EVA foam. Very safe for all ages. One ball included with two paddles.


OGOmezo: $19/set

OGOmini: $12/set



Hollow 20" Chicken - SOLD OUT


This is exactly what you need for the pool: a Hollow Chicken. Play all the same crazy games that you play on land, but now they can all be done in the pool. Hang your chicken upside down when done to drain the water out. Remember: Mould is not a food group!